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What is One-Step Create-A-Memo?

With One-Step Create-A-Memo you may create a print-ready PDF using the standard memo theme and template.

Fill in the desired fields ("Recipient", "Subject", etc.) and this web app will generate the PDF right in your browser.

What happens with my data?

No data is sent from your browser to any server. Instead, the PDF is created using your browser. The only history of the PDF is what your browser saves.

This site offers 100% privacy for creating PDFs, in contrast to other popular memo creators handle your information on servers.

What technologies did you use to build it?

I used this project to try out webpack 2 and yarn. Yarn "just worked."

There also is ReactJS to do the view model and event handling (though no Redux), and jsPDF to generate the PDF in the browser.

I have no affiliation with any of the technologies and instead am just a happy user.

Where did the idea of One-Step Create-A-Memo come from?

This project is a reaction to a front-page Hacker News post "Show HN: My first web app — PDF memo creator".

Typically "Show HN" projects are intended to celebrate a project that post authors have built (i.e. wrote some of the code). That project, instead, was intended to promote the author's marketing business and the author did not build the project.

That post is not the first in the endless september of marketers infiltrating HN, and it won't be the last.

What affected me more, however, is that project submitted the forms to the server with the promise "all data is deleted." I've known other marketers who make such promises as lies in order to use the submitted info for lead generation. I don't know the author or the vendor who built that project, but why was any server needed? It's possible to generate the PDF 100% client-side. This project shows how.

Instead of 48 hours to turn around an MVP, I had 4 hours. Why 4 hours? Because this is a side project from someone with a family, a job, and other priorities. I'm happy with what I accomplished in the short time, and I don't know what another 44 hours would have gotten me.

How do I add styling or links to the memo body?

That isn't yet possible. If there is sufficient interest, I'll gladly wire up that feature. Doing so didn't fit within the 4-hour timebox I gave myself for this project.

What languages are supported?

English, basically. I hard-coded the page-size to US letter, and the fields have english hard-coded labels.

Because of a limitation in browsers, only latin-based languages are supported for user-provided values. This prevents you from using right-to-left characters (e.g. Arabic) or Chinese. Sorry!

Fixing this didn't fit within the 4-hour timebox.

Where is the source code?

The source code is made available on GitHub under the GPL license at