Hiram Software: Projects

Most of our work is confidential, but sometimes we build a public product to scratch an itch. Or we release code back to the community. In either case, below is a list of work that we can talk about at cocktail parties.

One Step Bingo Card Creator

One Step Bingo Card Creator (osBCC) is an open source project that creates educational bingo cards based on user-supplied word lists. Different than its competitors, osBCC creates the PDFs entirely within the browser for free without registration.

We think it is a credible alternative to create bingo cards for many people.

One Step Create A Memo

Create a print-ready PDF using the standard memo theme and template right from your browser.

Potted Idea

Potted Idea presents previously-tested startup ideas in unexpected combinations to help you begin your next startup. We have found that often the idea is less interesting and important than the execution, so Potted Idea takes the stress of searching for the perfect idea.

Archived Projects


SheetsDB enables non-technical heroes to manage datasets in a tool they already know: A spreadsheet! Use SheetsDB to export datasets already in spreadsheets into JSON for technical projects (like websites or MongoDB). Or, import existing JSON datasets into spreadsheets so your non-technical stakeholders can be involved in editing or lightly analyzing them.

We use SheetsDB to empower business partners to be part of the data story in our work, and some enterprises make use of the REST API to bring data directly from spreadsheets into their applications in real time.

Monday Wire

At the opposite end of the spectrum from The Friday Wire, The Monday Wire is a personal reading list of the best longform content on the internet. Different than viral sites like BuzzFeed and Upworthy, Monday Wire releases a new list of stories once a week -- Mondays -- so commuters can work through content at their own pace. As you read each article, Monday Wire remembers your progress all without requiring you to sign in. Think of it like a magazine for the 21st century. Intriguing yet personal.

ES6 + NG + TWBS + Gulp + Jekyll Starter (2014)

No, this isn't another bingo game with buzzwords. We put together an open source starter project that demonstrates how to set up an AngularJS 1.X project using ES6 and JSPM within the standard Twitter Bootstrap project.

We also included in the Gulp file support for compiling markdown documents similar to how Jekyll works, which enables us to produce longform content more easily.

This project was started in 2014 when ES6 and Gulp were popular. It since has become outdated by the emergence of ReactJS and Webpack popularity.


hStatus is an open source status page for your service or product. There is a market for status pages, and it is maddening to us how expensive they are. hStatus is the quality, low-cost alternative that we use throughout Hiram Software.

Friday Wire

The Friday Wire is a current events summary written with the benefit of hindsight delivered each Friday by email. Others have described it as a news clipping service with a focus on concision and context. Our primary use case is a customer who wants to know what is happening within 15 minutes without having to read the whole newspaper each week. It was our first public product, and predominantly we accept customers based on referral.