Hiram Software: Services

Below are services Hiram Software has performed for customers in the past.

Customer-focused design

Build the right product that behaves as your customers expect.

We help you formulate scenarios (sometimes called use cases) that match your features with demand. Our secret sauce is grounding the design in an ideal implementation-free solution, which we've found allows you to delight customers most reliably.


Full-service figuring-out-what-you-want-before-you-want-it

Need helping fleshing out the user experience? Need to reduce drop-off? Already have an idea and want to touch it? We have delivered all types of prototypes, from paper prototypes to technical demonstrations to minimum viable products.

We typically combine prototyping with customer-focused design, but if you already know exactly what you want we can be your execution team. We have experience with web, mobile, and some desktop.

Security Hardening

Add reliability and confidence to your product.

Already finished an MVP and want to take it to the next level? Use our experience to harden and secure your product. Our past experience includes environments with highly sensitive data (health, payments, among others).

Critical Refactoring

Is technical debt slowing you down?

Sometimes you need to pay down technical debt, and often it's best to bring in outsiders to retrofit industry standards and practices to your existing product. Not all refactoring is necessary or desirable, but if you struggle to find people qualified to work with your code or you find it takes more than a day to fix a bug, our help may be appropriate.

In previous projects we've...

Technical Expertise

Below are technical skills we feel at home using:

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